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Markku Parviainen


You know me from my social media, but a short introduction won't hurt.

My name is Markku Parviainen, and I am a Finnish/Swedish author.
I write mostly about everyday life, love, and spiritual awakening.

I tell stories from my childhood, things I have seen when I have travelled around the world, and where we are going as a society.

I am just a regular guy who has stopped and started to think.

That's all.

From my next book "Man in the Mirror"

As a child and teenager, even in my early twenties, I was painfully shy, and that made my life so much more difficult with girls. Thankfully, some girls felt I was attractive enough, or they just felt sorry for me, so I could get some dates.

I remember there was Elin (not her real name), we went jogging every evening. She was a beautiful woman with a stunning body, but I just couldn’t make any moves toward her because of my shyness.

Fortunately, she saw through me, and one evening when we met outside for jogging, she casually took out a bottle of wine and suggested if we skip our workout, and go to her place.

Holy Moses!

I couldn’t believe my luck. Free wine, a beautiful young woman, and she took matters into her own hands.

With a shaky voice, I said yes, and we went to her apartment.

We drank all the wine and we didn’t sleep until morning. (I am a gentleman, so I don’t go into details)

There is another funny moment I will always remember. We were in Barcelona attending one big sporting event. (I was a member of our national team) One day, I had to go back to the hotel to get some rest, and I had to take the underground train, and in the tunnel towards the train station, I saw a big group of beautiful Spanish women and I had to go through them to catch my train.

I walked forward and muttered, “excuse me,” and when I had passed the group, I suddenly started hearing loud whistling. The idiot as I was, I turned around and realised that the women were whistling at me!

Those women started applauding loudly, and I became red (and I mean RED) in my face. They began laughing and cheering more.

I ran so fast I almost got a heart attack

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