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Lose weight, gain more self-confidence and feel great again!

Early bird discount! Get Your home training program at only 24.99 USD! Normal price is 149 USD


Lose weight, gain more self-confidence and feel great again!

Join Mark’s Warrior Fitness Home Training Program! 

Early bird discount!  Get Your home training program at only 24.99 USD! Normal price is 149 USD

Program will be open on 1st of August! 

Pre-register today and save money!


My name is Markku "Mark" Parviainen, and I’m the founder of the Mark's Warrior Fitness Home training program. 

20 years ago, I was in great shape and I trained every day, and I felt great! Today it’s a different story. I have become overweight, out of shape and unable to say No to beer or wine!

Then one day I realised I had to change myself and get back in shape.

And I thought it was going to be easier for me because of my background as a former professional athlete and coach.

I was wrong!

I started too hard, and I couldn't just continue with my training because my body couldn't take it.

Perhaps you have experienced a similar situation?

Eventually, I started trying to develop a new way of training.  In order to do that, I had to start by changing my own ways of thinking about the best ways to do it. 

I studied many of my old teachers to find out what they used to do in the past, and what they do today.

I started to understand more clearly how you must train if you are overweight, if not you will develop some physical challenges. I also realised that most training programs were just too hard for most of us!

What I also learned was that, most people didn’t like going to gyms or any kind of group exercise classes. And when I started gaining more weight, I quickly understood why they had to be that way.


Two words.

Shame and judgment

Example, when I went to the gym, I felt people were judging me and especially those who were in great shape were looking down on me.


I really didn’t feel comfortable at the gym anymore.

Perhaps I was wrong and everything was only in my head. But it doesn’t matter if I was imagining things or not, everything was real to me! 

I also noticed my habits of shopping clothes changed. I started buying clothes of larger sizes, so I could hide my body, and I really hated current fashion with tight workout clothes.


Today I understand that I am not alone. Many people who are overweight feel the same way. Some have had this feeling for the most part of their lives. Now with my new understanding, I realised I ignored a big group of people. 

That’s why I stopped working with large group sessions and focused more on home training programs.

I have now created new Mark’s Warrior Fitness Basic Program. The basic idea is that, you can train from your home and your own pace. 

Exercises are easy to learn and safe to do. I will also teach you more about nutrition and how you should eat to maximise your results.

Program includes total 10 videos, and you will have a lifetime access to all the material!

I will publish a program 1st of August and Everyone who pre-orders the program will save a lot of money!

Your Price will be only 24.99 USD ( Normal price 149 USD )

For the sake of simplicity we use US currency although I know many people from Europe and Asia will join the program!

Are you ready for change?

Join today!

Yours truly, Mark

PS. I am so confident about my program that, I will offer 30 days money back guarantee! No questions asked!

About me

I have been training in martial arts and fitness for more than 40 years, and have been teaching professionally since 1985. I was a member of the Finnish National team for 10 years, and served as a coach for the national team for two years after that. I left Finland in 1995, and since then I have been living and working as a coach and personal trainer in Sweden, the UK, Denmark and the United States.