Broken Dreams

In the bar
Playing my guitar
No one is listening
Can’t wait until I am with you

Still playing
Why I am still playing In places like this?

Playing my guitar
The audience is ignoring me
I had my dreams
But you came

I can’t wait

Soon I will be done
I can be with you

In the hotel room
Alone with you
Finally, I can escape

A needle hits my vain
So beautiful
I am flying

Now I am truly happy
But just a moment

Playing my guitar
Another city
And I have you

Can’t wait.

Written by Markku Parviainen

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Whisper in the dark

Whisper in the dark

I whisper
Please go away
Otherwise, I won’t stop

You whisper
Come now
I am here
I will make you feel again

I whisper
Please go away
If I start again
I won’t’ stop
I can’t follow that road again

You whisper
Come just one more time
You need me

I whisper
Please go away
I am too weak

No more
Never again

But I know it’s a lie

From Tales from my Dark side by Markku Parviainen

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