Choose me

Choose me
I bring warmth and happiness
I bring love and tenderness
I bring light

Choose me
I bring cold and comfort
I bring loneliness and peace
I bring darkness

Choose me
I bring feelings and smile
I bring friends and family
I bring joy

Choose me
I bring pain and suffering
I bring memories and sorrow
I bring night

I know who I am
I know my past
I don’t know my future

Now I made my choice
I choose myself

But who am I?
Written by Markku Parviainen

80 years old coward and 19 years hero

You were 19 years hero
I am 80 years old coward.

You came home flag wrapped around your casket
Same time I was getting drunk with my girl
You were a brave one
I was a coward. 

60 years later I am still here
You are just distant memory
Your medals were in the auction
And they were worthless.

You were a hero
And you believed lies of faceless men
You fought for your country
I was a coward and I didn’t believe those lies.

You are gone
I am still here and I had a great life
Family, children, and happiness
You are totally forgotten
But not by me.

You were a fool
You believed all the lies and promises
For nothing.

After all these years
I see young men still believing the same lies
Faceless men are dancing and laughing
Nothing ever changes.

I still miss you.
You fool.

Written by Markku Parviainen

Broken Dreams

In the bar
Playing my guitar
No one is listening
Can’t wait until I am with you

Still playing
Why I am still playing In places like this?

Playing my guitar
The audience is ignoring me
I had my dreams
But you came

I can’t wait

Soon I will be done
I can be with you

In the hotel room
Alone with you
Finally, I can escape

A needle hits my vain
So beautiful
I am flying

Now I am truly happy
But just a moment

Playing my guitar
Another city
And I have you

Can’t wait.

Written by Markku Parviainen

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Miss you


Miss you

You were part of me
You never let me down
You were always there for me
But now you are sleeping

I miss you
I can still see you
I have my fading memories
I miss those long walks

But I now walk alone
And you are sleeping
I miss you

Your happiness was everything for me
I am happy for our last hours together

Now you are sleeping
You don’t feel pain anymore
I now walk alone
Without you

When we will be together again
I will see your face
And we will walk together forever
Memories of you still hurt

But it’s better this way
Until we meet again

I miss you



Tales from my Dark Side by Markku Parviainen


Forever young


Forever young

Forever young
What a joke
Hated every moment
Couldn’t wait for until I was an adult

You made my life living hell
Destroyed my happiness
For your entertainment

A few years ago
I saw you on the street
A broken man
Drug addict

I went other side of the street
Didn’t want to talk with you
But I was happy for your misery

You made my life a living hell

Forever young
What a joke


From Tales from my Dark Side by Markku Parviainen