80 years old coward and 19 years hero

You were 19 years hero
I am 80 years old coward.

You came home flag wrapped around your casket
Same time I was getting drunk with my girl
You were a brave one
I was a coward. 

60 years later I am still here
You are just distant memory
Your medals were in the auction
And they were worthless.

You were a hero
And you believed lies of faceless men
You fought for your country
I was a coward and I didn’t believe those lies.

You are gone
I am still here and I had a great life
Family, children, and happiness
You are totally forgotten
But not by me.

You were a fool
You believed all the lies and promises
For nothing.

After all these years
I see young men still believing the same lies
Faceless men are dancing and laughing
Nothing ever changes.

I still miss you.
You fool.

Written by Markku Parviainen


grayscale photography of man praying on sidewalk with food in front
Photo by sergio omassi on Pexels.com



You spit on my face
You kick me
Don’t worry
I don’t feel anymore
Just toss your coins

It’s cold
I can’t feel my fingers
I see hate in your eyes
I don’t care anymore
Just toss your coins

I am alone
This is my corner
Don’t take my place
I don’t have any other place
I can’t take it anymore

I can’t stop
Although I hate this
My children
For you
Please toss your coins




Written by Markku Parviainen