A clown of the county

Same old story
All the lost opportunities
Just because I couldn’t show real me
But who is real in this insane world?

Today I feel like the king of the world
Tomorrow clown of the county

Today everyone is celebrating with me
Tomorrow they are spitting on me

Why should I show my true face?
Because I can hide behind a clown’s makeup

When night arrives
I can remove my makeup and your contempt.

And move on.

By Markku Parviainen

Life on your own terms and why most people can’t do it?

I admit. I can’t live a so-called normal life. The last time I had a normal job was sometime in the late eighties. I have taken many risks, I have traveled a lot, and because I had an open mind, I met many wonderful people around the world.

I like to work with my own schedule and I like to have the freedom to choose the people around me.

I don’t need any negativity around me. We have just one life, and I prefer to experience life on my own terms.

Of course, it’s not always easy, but life can be hard anyway, so is it better to live your life with your own rules?

Miss you


Miss you

You were part of me
You never let me down
You were always there for me
But now you are sleeping

I miss you
I can still see you
I have my fading memories
I miss those long walks

But I now walk alone
And you are sleeping
I miss you

Your happiness was everything for me
I am happy for our last hours together

Now you are sleeping
You don’t feel pain anymore
I now walk alone
Without you

When we will be together again
I will see your face
And we will walk together forever
Memories of you still hurt

But it’s better this way
Until we meet again

I miss you



Tales from my Dark Side by Markku Parviainen


Forever young


Forever young

Forever young
What a joke
Hated every moment
Couldn’t wait for until I was an adult

You made my life living hell
Destroyed my happiness
For your entertainment

A few years ago
I saw you on the street
A broken man
Drug addict

I went other side of the street
Didn’t want to talk with you
But I was happy for your misery

You made my life a living hell

Forever young
What a joke


From Tales from my Dark Side by Markku Parviainen



Angels are whispering,
Why wait, boy?
Just do it now
And everything will be
Good again.

Angels are talking
Don’t wait
Everyone is waiting
This is your time
Do it now

Angels are screaming
Are you still here?
Don’t waste our time
We are here for you
Get it done

I hear from distant voices

Angels are talking themselves
We fooled him
Let’s find another one.

From Tales from my Dark Side by Markku Parviainen

Hello Darkness


Hello darkness

You are still here
I can see you now
You were away a long time
But now you came back

I admit
I missed you
Sometimes it’s easy to be with you

You know me
You understand me
But if you stay here
I can’t go back

So my old friend
Farewell until we will see again

Goodbye darkness
Tales from my Dark Side by Markku Parviainen